Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stuff Happens!

Stuff happens! We just need to accept it. One of my favorite quotes, "What you resist, persists" by Carl Jung, helps me remember that I need to surrender to what is, trust that God is working in it, and that everything will be OK. Good will triumph! God is still God, and God is still good. He will never fail or abandon my loved ones or me. In time, everything will work out for good. My favorite verse is, "All things work together for good." Oh, that promise strengthens me.

No matter what circumstances occur, I know that I am not in them alone. I know I choose my own emotions. I remember that in times of chaos to remind myself that I can choose peace instead of turbulence. I have the inner strength to push through any challenge.

Prayer helps me leave worry behind. I remind myself not to tell God how big my mountains are, but to tell my mountains how big my God is. I read that in a Joel Osteen book, and it helps me remember to live by faith. I look forward to the future with optimism and trust God for the right outcomes.

Love and Light,