Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Encourage One Another

Aww...the last Presidential debate was held last night.  Most people are wanting this election to be over.  Actually, I am kind of enjoying it.  I love our President.  I have noticed, though, that some of the comments this year on political posts have been polarizing.  This election does not seem to bring out the best in people. I think a healthy debate is good, but the name calling needs to stop.  The candidates are not the ones doing the name calling, but their supporters are doing plenty of it.  How do we build our candidate up without tearing the other one down?  That is the delicate balance.  I do not think I have been too good at it.

I want my candidate to win of course, but my attitude needs adjustment.  I need to get rid of some of the fear I have been harboring about the other candidate.  I am afraid he will take away my social security.  Yet as a spiritual person, I know my help comes from the Lord.  God is my source and that brings me inner peace so I need to let go of the fear.

I Thessalonians 5:11 says, "Encourage one another and build each other up."  How do we do that?  I remember going to Worlds of Fun with the grandkids on a very hot day once, and my grandson Samson (who was two at the time) became very fussy while waiting in the long lines for rides.  An older gentleman noticed this and said to him in a very kind voice, "Young man, you are doing the best you can in this heat."  That was far from what everyone else in the family was saying to him.  Instead we were using bribes, threats, etc. to try to calm him down.  None of that was working, but this man speaking words of encouragement turned Sammy's mood from fussiness into tolerance of the situation.  Someone finally understood him, and it healed his attitude. He stopped fussing and stayed calm through the rest of the line.

Now I wonder how we could apply this lesson to the last three weeks of this pre-election period.  Maybe we could see that each of us has our own set of fears, and that the only thing that will relieve them is love.  Maybe we could have confidence that everyone is doing the best we can in the heat of this election year.  Maybe instead of being a naysayer and a discourager, we can speak faith into our system that God has under control.  Maybe we can start building confidence in others instead of tearing them down.

We need to cast our vote and support our candidate by lifting them up and encouraging them, but also we need to build people up that do not think our way.  When someone is hot-tempered and foulmouthed, we can neutralize the situation by speaking in a peaceful way and building them up.

Sometimes I can't think of anything nice to say about the opposing candidate, but last night, I saw a peaceful Romney.  I think he is probably a good man at heart.  After all, he is one of God's creations.

Of course my candidate is Obama.  I have seen him go through difficult times and remain a leader.  He has faced some major issues and criticism without giving up or giving in to the pressure.  He is consistently trying to do the right thing.

I want to remember to be an encourager.  Joel Osteen says, "Your bringing out the best in others will bring out the best in you."  So while I am into this election big time, I also try to post something positive too.  I started a page on facebook called "Be Happy" to help me, and maybe others, remember not to take life so seriously that we lose our joy.

God bless!

Love and Light,