Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Speaking a Blessing

I loved this chapter (I know, I say that about all these chapters but this book is great!). I have always done pretty well with this topic and I have always tried to speak blessings to people especially to my children. You know what I have found as well? - When you speak positively to other people it raises the mood of everybody! Just like negativity - positivity is contagious! We need to hear good things from our loved ones - we need it just like air, water and food. Without it, our self esteem never gains traction. Want to hear an inspiration on this? Joel has a short sermon on this at the link below. While I am the only man on this blog I really liked the message that Joel speaks out to the men that as men we do have a leadership role to play in our families and with our children. Thanks Joel! Just like Joel stated in this chapter we all want blessings from our parents - lets not let our children down. Without it they will have to carry all of that excess baggage throughout life! Lets give them the good positive start that all people deserve in life.


Patty said...

Wow! I just listened to that message on "youtube" that you posted. It was awesome! Thank you so much, Frank, for contributing to this blog, even though you are in a hotel room in Madison, Wisconsin!! I appreciate you so much! You add so much to this blog. Well, back to chapter 16. I think you are right about the leadership role men play in their families. Even our perception of God comes from how we view our own fathers.

On the last thread I posted a blessing for Kaya. On this thread I would like to post the blessing I wrote for Sierra a couple of years ago. She's my middle granddaughter. She's been through so much in her young life. The summer she was five, her mom had a terrible motorcycle accident. She and I spent hours in the hospital waiting for her mom to recuperate. It took several months before her mom would come home from the hospital and several more months before her mom could walk. During this same time, Sierra's parents were getting a divorce and Sierra started kindergarten. My heart just bled for her. Sierra is a beautiful girl, though, with an indomitable spirit. She's very creative in dance, especially ballet and can perform a very touching show. It's enough to bring tears to your eyes, especially if you are her nana. Here is the blessing:

"Sierra, your flowing blond hair and
pretty blue eyes make you adorable.
You dance on the stage like you own it--
twirling around and around and
performing plies' in several positions.
Sweetie, my prayer for you is a life
that flows as smoothly and gracefully as you dance,
And for everything beautiful and wonderful
to happen at every turn and chance."

Patty said...

Well, I'm in the mood for blessing, and this chapter encourages that so I want to share the blessing I wrote for Jessica. I've spent more time with Jessica than any other granddaughter not just because she's been on the planet longer, but because I lived with her for a while when she was a baby. She always wanted to sit on the sink while I put on make up in the morning. She, of course, wanted to try some too. That was before she was two!! Now she will turn teenager next month. My, how time flies!! (I know time flying is an old clique, but I can't think how to describe it better.) She still loves to wear make up and jewelry and dress up pretty. She loves to draw and write stories. She's won a few contests with her ability in these endeavors. Here is the blessing I wrote for her when she was eleven:

"Jessica, my oldest granddaughter, you are Nana's diva.
Your thick dark hair and beautiful brown eyes shape a lovely face.
Not only are you beautiful, but you are so creative----
You can draw, sing, and dance.
I wish for you every chance
To use your talents on the scene
and to be happy and serene."

Patty said...

This is the blessing I wrote for my oldest daughter Teresa. She's always been concerned about our planet and all the creatures that inhabit it, but her most outstanding quality is the way she mothers her daughter Jessica.

(Written in Sept. 2006)
Teresa, my first-born, you are
celebrating your 32nd birthday.
What a lovely time of life!
You have always been such an environmentalist--
even before being green was cool.
I've always admired your connection with nature
and your love of all God's creatures.
Your pride and joy is Jessica
and you are a good and loving mother.
I wish for you all the happiness and peace
you can handle. I love you, Sweetpea!

I already mentioned several times that Tori was in a motorcycle of course, I thank God every day for her life. She works very hard to get in shape physically. Spiritually, she is a mentor to me because she embodies all the positivity that I want in my life. This was written about a year and a half ago.

Sweetheart, you are thirty now,
I feel so blessed to have you in my life.
You are my inspiration.
You stay healthy and fit,
and I'm so proud of you
for being the mother of two
and facing life's challenges
with such peace, love, and joy.
May you have your heart's desire.
You are my sweetie!

Patty said...

This is another interview of Tank two days before the super bowl. He says he is blessed and gives glory to God. I think it fits our chapter about blessings.