Monday, November 17, 2008

Taking a Stand for Your Family

Thanksgiving is coming!! Family time! This year let's create an atmosphere of love, peace, and unity in our homes by bringing out the good in our families with our positive words. Let's make it a fun-filled time by treating each other with dignity and respect. We'll speak blessings over family members and give them holiday memories that possibly we never had when we were growing up. No matter what our home life was like as children, we can create a better one for our children by affirming them. We need to tell them how proud of them we are and how great they are doing. We can be a positive role model and take lots of time for them. I remember hearing a story not long ago of a boy who asked his father how much money he made an hour because that boy wanted to save up enough money to buy an hour of his father's time. Yikes! Another thing our children need is encouragement. We should focus on their strengths. We will see more of their virtues if that is what we notice about them. If we will only take a stand for our family and make sure that we give them plenty of love and tell them how much we appreciate them, we will make a memory with them this year that they will carry to their old age. How rewarding!


Patty said...

Max Lucado said, "My dad...repaired oil field engines for a living and rebuilt car engines for fun.... But God gave him a mechanical moron, a son..... Machines anesthetized me. But books fascinated me..... What does a mechanic do with a son who loves books? He gives him a library card.... Places a lamp by his bed so he can read at night. Pays tuition so his son can study college literature in high school. My dad did that... Never once did I hear him say, 'Why can't you be a mechanic like your dad and granddad?' Maybe he understood my bent. Or maybe he didn't want me to die of hunger. But somehow he knew to 'train up a child in the way he should go.' "

Mutterguse said...

Wow! What a legacy that man has for his children, to let them discover who they are and what they will be.
I am working on being positive right now. I found out my job had been phased out completely while changing planes on our Island Vacation. It was easier to deal with while I was on vacation. I could put it on the very last burner, and let it steep, now it is after returning home that I find I am dealing with my next Step.
A positive outlook is what I will have to have and the spin I put on this current situation is going to be looking forward not back. Phil 4 is going to be my favorite passage during this time. I will need contentment for where I am at the moment, any given moment of every day.

Patty said...

May God grant you serenity as you make decisions for the direction of your life, Rozan. God bless!