Friday, December 12, 2008

Feed Your Good Habits

I read a story about two wolves in a couple of places the facebook group "Positive People" and then again in Joel Osteen's book BECOME A BETTER YOU so I'm starting to think that the Lord really wants to use this story to teach me something. The story goes like this: "An old Cherokee said to his grandson, 'Son, on the inside of every person a battle is raging between two wolves. One wolf is evil. It's angry, jealous, unforgiving, proud, and lazy. The other wolf is good. It's filled with love, kindness, humility, and self-control. These wolves are constantly fighting.' The little boy thought about it, and said, 'Grandfather, which wolf is going to win?' The grandfather smiled and said, 'Whichever one you feed.'" I love this story because it tells me that in order to cultivate peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, and self-control in my life, I will need to feed these character traits. In less than three weeks we will be starting a new year. What a great time to start developing and feeding good habits! I want to start setting my goal now to eat properly and exercise. I am going to drink plenty of water. Joel Osteen says, "Bad habits are easy to acquire but hard to live with......good habits are difficult to develop.....but...easy to live with." Every time I make a good choice, it will get easier. The bible says to run from temptation. That is the key to success. "There is no temptation that will come to you that you can't overcome. God will always make a way of escape." (I Corinthians 10:13) Instead of running to the kitchen every time I'm stressed, I need to find someplace else to go or something else to do. I can relieve tension by taking a brisk walk, breathing deeply, meditating and praying, or reading the bible or other inspirational material. Even staying busy online or scrap booking helps me stay out of the kitchen. God wants me to be happy, healthy, and whole. The bible says, "He is a very present help in the time of trouble....Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.....I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Like the second wolf, I already have self-control, discipline, kindness, forgiveness, patience, etc. inside me. I just need to feed these virtues. I'm going to relax this holiday season, go with the flow, and stay in peace. At the same time, I'm going to be aware of how I'm treating my body. I have respect for what God gave me, and I'm going to love myself because I am a daughter of the Almighty. I don't have to wait for the new year to start treating my body with respect. I'm going to feed my good wolf this holiday season, and 2009 is going to be fine! Happy Holidays!


Mutterguse said...

The wolf story is so good. I think I have been feeding the wrong one lately. I didn't realize it, till one of my children said, "Mom, you have been crabby for the last few months, what is going on?" Since I lost my job due to RIF, my children have gathered round. It has been wonderful to not have the pressure of always trying to be somewhere else on time, all the time, to relax and enjoy again.
I think we can feed the wrong wolf when we are in stressful situations, or things seem out of kilter or out of focus.
As Patty says: God wants me to be happy, healthy, and whole.
I agree with Patty: I don't think that God meant for us to be running at full throttle like we do, using up all our energy going nine ways from center all the time. I am trying to use this time off to do things I like to do, to reconnect, to feed my good habits, and starve the bad ones!
I am going to reach for the power of the Lord and hold on tight, as He helps me move forward and feed the good wolf...
"To Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be the glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen." Eph 3:20-21
I do not know what my next step is, but God does. I need to ask and wait, and watch for the light. I believe as the verse says, that He will lead me on.

Patty said...

God bless you, Rozan, as you learn to feed your good wolf. Sounds like you and I both will be learning to do that this holiday season!! xx

Patty said...

Another good habit is practicing love in all situations. Kathy Almond from the Lousis Hay group on facebook sent this wonderful message out today:

"Love opens every door!"

When you approach a person or situation with Love, how can it possibly
go wrong. Even if it didn't turn out the way you had hoped, Love
leaves an impact and the next time you approach that person or situation,
you will notice a difference.

There is a saying, "You attract more flies with honey than vinegar."
This saying always reminds me to put Love in front of me wherever I go.
Love opens doors, warms hearts and when we give it out, it reminds us
how much we Love ourselves.

Because Love is contagious, if you open the door with it, Love will
also fill the room!

Mutterguse said...

The comment on love is so appropriate. Someone asked me recently how I was doing, and said they were sure sorry about my job loss, with such a saddened look on her face. I told her I was doing fine, and that "I am looking for my next step. Why would I want to be bitter and let it show on my face? I would rather have laugh lines!"
I still love the orignal place I worked for, and hope things look up for them.
The comment you made, Patty...
Love leaves an impact and the next time you approach that person or situation, you will notice a difference.
The lady's face (that I talked to) lit up when she saw that my attitude was not bitter, or even angry. I think she will remember a smile, and maybe she will go on to make a difference in someone else's life. I will remember how the cloud lifted from her face.

Patty said...

Yay for you, Rozan! Love always leads the way to something good so I feel that your job situation will work out in the best possible way for you. If you knew the whole picture that God has for you, Rozan, you would be rejoicing. I think you already have the faith that it will all work out. Fortunately, we can go with the flow and leave the details to the Holy Spirit. Have a blessed day, Rozan!