Monday, March 23, 2009

Plan for Blessing

Too often we expect the worst! Why not plan for blessing instead? In Second Kings there is a story about a poor widow who had two sons about to be sold as bondsmen so that she could pay her debts. Wow! As a mother, my heart went out to that lady who in that ancient story had plenty about which to worry. I would have driven myself crazy with worry if my children were about to be sold for my debts. Wouldn't anyone? The prophet Elisha did not sympathize with her though or give her money. Instead, he helped her plan for a blessing. She had a little pot of oil, and Elisha suggested that she send her boys out to borrow dishes from the neighbors. Then the widow was instructed to use her faith and pour her little bit of oil into the neighbors' dishes. She filled all of them! She finally had to stop pouring because she ran out of dishes! Wow! What faith! Our God can supply our needs if we start asking Him. Lowell Fillmore says, "Let no one despair because he may seem to have little to draw upon. Rather let him look within and rejoice in the abundance that God has given him in Spirit, and then let him fearlessly give forth what he finds in the house." Joel Osteen says, "Start expecting. While we are expecting good things from God, we should be making plans. We need to talk as if what we are praying about is going to happen. We should dare to step out in faith and act like it's going to happen." Use the be-have-do model to get into the golden flow of the Holy Spirit's blessing. I am expecting a miracle. I already have a little bit of the resources I need to make it happen. In faith, I'm taking the step to make my dreams come true. Just like the poor widow, I will pour my little bit of resources into my huge plan for blessing. "They are like trees planted by streams of water, which yield their fruit in its season, and their leaves do not wither, and whatsoever they do shall prosper" (Psalms 1:3). I'm saying along with Joel, "This is going to be a blessed day; I'm having a good month. This is the best year of my life. I know great things are in store. Goodness and mercy are following me. God's favor is surrounding me. I am expecting increase, promotion, and abundance." I will succeed, not fail. I will stop worrying and start expecting blessings from on high. Father, I thank You that right now You are blessing me beyond my greatest expectations, and I am so grateful. You know my family situation, and You love everyone one of us. Things are going to work out beautifully because we can not fail when You are in charge. I feel the joy and enthusiasm of already having my dreams come true. I thank You for giving me the blessing of an awesome family, and I thank You that each one of them is going to live a long, healthy, blessed, prosperous life. Thank You for Your unlimited resources. Not only will You bless my family, but You will bless everyone who reads this message in whatever situation they may find themselves. I am making provisions just like the poor widow did. Thank You, Lord.


Mutterguse said...

A Kansas Wheat Field! How fitting for this, Patti! This arrived at a time when someone I know is really struggling, and I sent it to her. She appreciated it so much, said it really did encourage her!


Patty said...

You are welcome, Rozan! I was thinking I should have posted a more springtime picture, but your compliment made me feel like I was being led by my GPS! Thank you! I'm glad it could help a friend. :)

Mutterguse said...

There is a story about wheat that is just awesome, how it goes from seed to sprout to golden fields to bread. I loved it, and always think of it - how just a little kernel provides so much.

In the spring we are thinking of the fields of green, but the golden wheat follows. We expect it to provide for us, and you mentioned the 'golden flow' of the Holy Spirit's blessing, the wind blowing a golden wheat field is a farmer's blessing in visual form.

Patty said...

Wow, Rozan! Now I feel like the harvest of blessing is definitely portrayed by a wheat field. Thanks so much for sharing. :)