Saturday, April 24, 2010

Love Is on the Way!

Do you need encouragement? Let me give you some. You will be healthy, debt-free, and loved by family and friends.

How can you have all that? You can have it by faith and by speaking victory over your circumstances. Phillipians 1:6 says, "He that began a good thing in you will bring it to completion."

Love is on the way! Light is coming! We need to live with expectancy and enthusiasm. The word enthusiasm come from two Greek words, "en Theos" meaning "God within". When we unite our minds with the wisdom and power of the Spirit, we will accomplish all these things. Christian D. Larson says, "Every situation will be met, and everything taken care of, when we leave it to God.....our highest aspirations will be realized. We will have no fear."

What a wonderful opportunity we have today! "My cup overflows with blessings," according to Psalm 23:5. Over a hundred years ago, F. B. Meyer put it this way:
"Whatever the blessing is in our cup, it is sure to run over. With Him the calf is always the fatted calf; the robe is always the best robe; the joy is unspeakable; the peace passeth understanding...there is no grudging in God's benevolence. He does not measure out His goodness as an apothecary counts his drops and measures his drams, slowly and exactly, drop by drop. God's way is always characterized by multitudinous and overflowing bounty."

Yes, indeed, love is on the way! Are you ready to live your best life yet?

Love and Light,

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Patty said...

May Your Love reach Mississippi and be their wellspring of support during this time. Guide them through the challenge of cleaning up after this tornado. Be with the families who lost loved ones.