Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Believe in Miracles!

I went with my mom to her beauty shop Friday and saw a sign that said, "We Don't Believe in Miracles. We Rely on Them."

What is a miracle? To me it's the little things that prove God's favor in my life such as a smile from a grandchild or gratitude from my kids. I just hosted Camp Nana and kept all four grandkids for three glorious weeks of swimming, amusement parks, zoos, and just plain fun times.

It's also the big things like the magnificent Grand Tetons that we visited just recently on our vacation. These beautiful mountains were formed by a collision of the tectonic plates along the west coast which bowed up a huge block of sedimentary rock deposited by ancient seas. The Teton fault lifted the range and erosion sculpted the landscape. As ice sheets filled the valley, alpine glaciers sculpted the jagged and beautiful Tetons.

Miracles are the beholding of the Divine in everything and everyone. It is seeing light where we once saw darkness. It is seeing healing in our loved ones. It is seeing a kindly world of gentleness. It is experiencing forgiveness and extending forgiveness.

Enjoy your miracles! Whether you see the sun breaking through the clouds or see a loved one who was near death healed, there are so many blessed miracles in our lives that it is amazing.

Love and Light,

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