Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Affirmation for Today

I am grateful for the opportunity to teach today. So many blessings are occurring today in every way. Each student has strengths that are being revealed to me. Remaining non-judgmental has helped me see with my heart, not my eyes. If I see any error in the tasks they complete or any error in the way I teach, I am full of forgiveness for them and myself. These errors will prove wonderful learning experiences for both them and me. I stayed focused on the present, enjoying each moment. Like Oprah says, "If you love what you do, each pay check is a bonus."

Love and Light,

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Patty said...

Here's how to make an affirmation.
Conceive and state your heart's desire with faith and then take action to make it happen. Think about why you want this and visualise the positive outcome you anticipate. If you have any doubts about the possibility of your affirmation coming true, think about what is causing the doubt. Were you told by a parent or someone else that you could not achieve your goal? If so, try to remember the circumstances and then quickly release them, forgiving both the person who planted the doubt and yourself for believing it. After taking time to re-program your mind, block any negativity that could contradict your goal. Conceive, believe, receive, and achieve. Keep believing until you receive confirmation in your own mind that you can achieve what you want. When You have
absolutely no doubt it will happen, you are in a position to have the best life ever. :)