Saturday, January 12, 2013

Listening and Lifting

"It's important to listen.  Most people just want to know that they are heard," wrote Anne Meara.  It is so important to be a good listener.  So often we want to do the talking, but there are so many hurting people in this world that need a listening ear.  I remember one morning when I was spinning at the club that a woman began to cry as she left the room.  I followed her in the locker room and asked her if everything is all right.  She didn't confide in me, but we became friends after that.  She told me that she knew I cared and that she needed that compassion right then.  I was relieved that I had followed my instincts. We never know who will cross our path and need a listening ear or a healing touch.

I am so happy that I can turn to God when things get me down.  He is my healer.  He gives me peace and takes away my fear.  So many people picture God as a judgmental old man who is waiting to squish them if they make a mistake.  I couldn't worship a God like that.  I John says that God is love, and I believe that.  Furthermore, I know that He is the one person who will listen to me and to anyone who turns to Him.  We can be healers too and restore people by listening and offering kind words.

We are the containers that God fills with His love.  We can release that wherever we go and lift one another up by listening and showing compassion.  One of my favorite photos is the one of Obama comforting the woman who had been through hurricane Sandy and Governor Chris Christie was there as well.  It shows that disaster knows no walls.  No political barriers could keep these men from demonstrating their humanity.  As Jessica Winter so eloquently put it, "The capacity for uplift is part of what makes us essentially, euphorically human." Let's follow that example by listening and lifting up people who are suffering.

Love and Light,

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