Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I made it on the blog!!! I overcame my little problem, and I'm proud. Frank, I like Dr. Martin Luther King's quote also "Take the first step in faith.. You don't have to see the whole staircase..." We don't know they why's and maybe we won't know until we get to heaven. But we have to have faith and believe He knows what is best for us.
I'm trying to have a better focus and more positive outlook, I have been verbally put down for a number of years, that I can't do anything right or it wasn't ever good enough. I've tried to reverse the way of conversation by doing more praising, and seeing the good side, hoping it will rub off. I can't say enough how I love this book, and I've only gone through chapter 2, which I loved so much, I'm re reading tonight.


Frank said...


Welcome Aboard! Glad you made it. I'm glad the book has had that kind of impact with you. I really enjoy Joel Osteen and his positive outlook. A couple of years ago a book came out as well as the movie, "The Five People you Meet in Heaven". Anybody read/see it? It really touched me and was quite poignant. To make a long story short this man grew up never having reached or seen his true happiness in life until he died and then realized what kind of impact he had on five people in life and some of them he barely had any relationship with. We don't know our true impact and value but we have to have faith that God is using us for what is most important - that we cannot question but have to have the faith. Exude and reflect love and ye shall receive!

Patty said...

Hi Jeanie! I'm glad you made it on the blog too. Chapter Two is an awesome chapter. I'm hoping the blog will feel like a safe place and a good environment for sharing. Joel says in chapter two, "Get out of a negative environment and get into an atmosphere of victory, where people build you up rather than tear you down. Find a place where people encourage you and challenge you to be the best you can be. Find a place where people inspire you to reach new heights. Envision good things happening to you." He also quotes Proverbs 13:20--"If you walk with wise men, then you're going to become wise."
I hope the book and this blog is the atmosphere of victory for which you have been searching.

Frank, I'm sure you probably know I read the book and saw the movie THE FIVE PEOPLE YOU MEET IN HEAVEN by Mitch Albom. I was impacted by it too b/c it made me realize that others have such an influence on our lives. I know when I read Jerry Jampolsky's LOVE IS LETTING GO OF FEAR, it impacted me so much that my attitude changed about everything. That book and dealing with my daughter's motorcycle accident made me realize that inner peace is my most important goal, and the way to achieve it is through forgiveness. I think that the FIVE PEOPLE YOU MEET IN HEAVEN deals heavily with forgiveness as well.

Thank you, Frank & Jeanie, for making me think about how important it is for me to have a safe place to express myself and how important people are in our lives. I think this blog is helping me sort out my thoughts.

Frank said...

I have been in KC all this week attending meetings and classes and picked up a new term this week. We all want to avoid SNIOP. What is SNIOP - you ask? Susceptible to Negative Input from Outside People. Surround yourself with people that will help you feel positive and the power will radiate. Happy Friday all!

Patty said...

SNIOP....I love it! I have to admit that I am a SNIOP. I want to be positive, but sometimes someone will say something negative, and it will take on such significance to me. It reminds me of what our pastor said on Sunday morning. She said, "When I was a new minister, I heard a hundred people tell me that my sermons were awesome, but one lady told me that 'it was the most pathetic message she had ever heard.'" Guess which message stuck in her mind? Just like you and me, she temporarily let that comment define who she was until she did a reality check. Let's follow Joel's advice and start receiving good things. He says, "Expect the favor of God. Expect His blessings. Expect to increase. Expect promotion. Get up and face each day with enthusiasm, knowing that God has great things in store for you."