Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Patty, you are right...

God is good, and we used to sing a little chorus, and it is going through my head right now. "God is good, God is good, God is good, all the time!"
I am so glad that God watches over us, and directs our pathways. If I was in control, I would have such a 'spaghetti bowl' mess part of the time. I am reminded of that as I think over today. When I got off work, a little 9 year old girl came to my house to help me clean, and stay focused, and she is very good at keeping the focus going! I have been so busy that I piled face painting stuff, fabric and books in my sewing room, and it was a mess. I just didn't take the extra time to put things away. She helped me and I am nearly to the point of being ready to sew again, and I am so glad that she can come alongside me, and help me keep my focus.
I think back to the times when God directed someone to do that for me when I was overwhelmed and I am so glad He was good to me... and didn't let me slip and fall, with the help I had I was able to overcome. I am very grateful for that help, guidance and direction.


Patty said...

I know that chorus too. It's a wonderful one that lifts me up. I'm glad God helped you keep your focus today and sent a little helper too. Enjoy your summer, Rozan, and keep on blogging.

Patty said...

"God is good, all the time
All the time, He is good.
We worship Him!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
We worship Him
For Who He is!

I let the love wash over me.
I let, I let it be.
I let the joy wash over me.
I let, I let it be.
I let the peace wash over me
I let, I let it be."

Patty said...

I like the title of your post, Rozan..."Patty, you are right..." I love to be right as does everyone. It is "normal" to want to be right. It does bring me to a thought though. I read somewhere that the need to be right can be compulsive. Wars have been fought over this need to be right and countless relationships have been broken down. Does it really matter if we are right or wrong? If we have a deeply compulsive need to be right, it is a form of violence. We can state clearly and firmly how we think or feel or what we think, but keep aggressiveness or defensiveness out of it. Watch out for any kind of defensiveness. What are we defending? The end of all arguments and power games, which are so corrosive to relationships, will end if we lose our attachment to the need to be right. Power over others is a weakness disguised as strength. The Holy Spirit is the source of true power, and He is very gentle. So while I love to be right, it is not nearly as important as just being at peace with who I am and letting others have their own beliefs without feeling threatened. So I kind of took a twist on the title of this post to present this week's topic, which is tolerance, or "live and let live".