Friday, August 27, 2010


Thomas Aquinas, a philosopher and theologian who lived from 1225 to 1274, said, "To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible."

So which category do I belong? I always thought I had a lot of faith, but recently I have wondered. I am just now learning how to handle a new challenge. Do I have enough faith? Do I trust God enough to take this to my Source and leave it there?

Do I have faith to believe that this will be my best life yet? I know that I need to give my best, regardless of what is given to me in return. Do I have enough love in me to keep giving just for the sake of giving?

Second, do I trust and think the best possible thoughts for everyone? Do I refuse to dwell in negativity, no matter what? (Unfortunately, this has not been the case for me lately).

Third, can I rise above pettiness? Can I clothe myself in my spiritual rainment so that I reside in the spiritual world of love rather than the physical world of material success?

Fourth, will I view this as an opportunity to draw closer to God? Will I recapture the feelings of love, joy, peace, and strength that I know in my oneness with God? Will I renew my faith and trust God?

Fifth, will I remain in the light, looking up and rising to the occasion? Will I be open to learning new things? Will I have enough humility and serenity to accept things as they are?

Sixth, will I be able to accept a difference in opinion and establish a connection with everyone I meet? Will I recognize that every person is a unique creation of God and be tolerant and understanding of all?

Seventh, can I refuse to put limitations on myself or others? Do I have the faith to tell my mountains how big my God is? Will I pray without ceasing and receive God's provisions that have already been given to me?

Lastly, am I willing to surrender all to the Will of God? Can I let go of knowing how it will all work out and just trust God to do amazing things with my life? Will I receive my good with gratitude?

The answer to these questions is a resounding yes, only because of my GPS (God's Powerful Spirit). With God on my side, I expect only good. My Source cannot fail so I receive strength and power from this ever-present Help. Thank You, Lord. I have faith.

Love and Light,

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