Saturday, August 24, 2013

Give Joy a Chance

"Be glad for the things you have and you will find you have far more than you thought.  Then you will not miss in the least, the things you have not.  Besides, the happier you are over what has come to you, the more and the more will come to you in the future.  This is indeed a great secret, and if universally applied would cause want to disappear from the face of the whole earth." ~ Christian D. Larson

Counting our blessings in gratitude causes awareness of our abundance.  If we have water, food, and shelter, we are indeed blessed.  If we have family and friends, we have someone with whom to share these blessings.  If we have a relationship with God, we are heirs to the kingdom and can attract all good in our lives.  Indeed we have answered the call of rejoicing and gathered where life is a song, according to the man who wrote the above quote.

Whether we believe life is a struggle or that life is an exciting adventure, our perspective either limits us or frees us.  Those of us who lived during the sixties remember being asked to give peace a chance.  We should also give joy a chance.  If we do, we open ourselves up to all kinds of good.  WE become part of the divine flow that provides everything we need.

Love, Light, and Life,


Lauren Scott said...

Patty, this is a beautiful and inspirational post. Thanks for inspiring us to live in the moment and be happy. Have a lovely day! ♥

Linda said...

Rosie's look of curiosity & joy is great. Thank you for the beautifully inspiring post, Patty.

Patty said...

Thanks so much for reading and enjoying this post. I so appreciate the encouragement, Linda & Lauren. :)