Monday, May 19, 2008

Being a Person of Excellence and Integrity

Being people of excellence and integrity is the only way to be truly happy according to Joel in chapter 31. What does that mean? It means going the extra mile and having a good attitude at work while you give the best quality and taking pride in what you do. If you are a homemaker, keep your house looking nice. If you are a teacher, you give your best to your students. If you are a businessman, you give your company a full day's work. These are just some of the examples of being a person of excellence and integrity. "Whatever you do, work at it with your whole heart, not unto men, but do it unto God knowing that God will reward you." (Colossians 3:23) I'm going to brag a little bit on my husband now because I have accompanied him on business trips and watched him teach agents about insurance. He gives it his all. I'm always proud of him for that. He never takes the easy way out. His former boss told me that she wished she could clone him. I know this will embarrass Frank. He hasn't been on the blog for awhile because he has been so busy with travel and work, but I am proud to say that he exemplifies this chapter. I thought of him with almost every word I read. I want to follow his example in this. I want to follow Christ's example even more as He did what was right, even in the face of great persecution. May we live happy, fulfilled lives because we are doing God's best work.


Patty said...

Joel also reminds us to say what we mean and mean what we say. "God holds victory for the upright and He guards those who walk in integrity." (Proverbs 2:7)

Patty said...

I need to clean house today. Joel exhorts, "Home...keep it looking nice. Make sure it looks like a person of excellence lives there." Wow! OK, Joel, I'll get off the blog, facebook, and email long enough to do some work. Thank you, Joel, and thank You, God, for reminding me.

Patty said...
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