Monday, May 5, 2008

Sowing and Growing

"They are to do good, to be rich in good works, generous, and ready to share, thus storing up for themselves the treasure of a good foundation for the future, so that they may take hold of the life that is really life." I Timothy 6:18-19. God created us to be a river that is constantly flowing, according to Joel. "When we live selfishly, always receiving, always taking but never giving, we become stagnant and polluted.....Yes, God wants to pour good things into your life, but if you want to live your best life now, you must learn to allow those good things to flow through you to others. As you do, your supply will be replenished and your life will maintain its freshness."


Patty said...

I came across an interesting article by Roy Posner that pertains to this chapter:

"Perhaps the single most powerful way to succeed in life is to have more concern for our fellow human beings. Normally, we are overwhelmingly concerned about ourselves, driven by our own personal motives and ambitions. However, the happiest people literally lose themselves in the feelings, thoughts, and aspirations of others.

Are you ready to 'forget yourself' and be genuinely interested in the welfare of others? Are you willing to be tolerant and kind to others, listen attentively and silently to their words, and be non-judgmental and open to their opinions and points of view? If you are, you're an excellent candidate for great success in life, not to mention an ever-increasing personal happiness and joy.

Whenever you shift your perspective from yourself to others, your energy increases, conditions of accomplishment, success, and positive outcome reveal themselves, life responds suddenly, positively, and abundantly, and one feels a great joy. The more real and heartfelt the positive feeling toward the other person, the greater the energy, success, joy, and happiness."

I think we would sow and grow if we could start thinking of others sometimes instead of always thinking of our own selves. Lord, help me do that today.

Mutterguse said...

HI, all! I bet you are all out sowing seeds in your gardens and working on your yards! I need to be, but we are having 29 degree weather forecast for tonight here in CO! Hope you have a blessed day!

Patty said...

Rozan, I bet it has warmed up since then. Frank bought some mulch and started working in the flower beds. I have one more week of school and then I'll be sowing and growing.

Pictures and Life of Libby said...

I have been living in pain for the past 8+ months : trying Physical Therapy and failing: waiting for back surgery, having back surgery, getting a blood clot, more pain, recovering from back surgery, bearing with a slow painful recovery. I have noticed how ingrown and self-focused I can get when I am in pain.

In pain, self focused and while self focused, in sin. I have to PUSH me out of myself, focus on others, whether it be my friends on the internet, phone calls to friends around here, prayer chains at my church -- Focus on the pain and hurt of others in my apartment building rather than my own. Then, I can begin to come out of myself and begin to minister. Begin to feel God's spirit within me awaken and working and smiling. I can feel joy again. Not at the misfortune of other's, but because I am back in ministry again. Not navel gazing, but helping people, as I have been helped, instead of taking two three four...ten steps back myself.

Service is a wonderful feeling. A fulfilling feeling. Giving feels good. Giving sacrificially, when you feel you have little to give feels wonderful!

This is one lesson I have learned out of my pain.

Patty said...

Libby, yay!!! You found your way onto the blog. I so appreciate your comment. It's so easy to become self-focused. The ego wants to have its way. It pops up daily for me so I completely understand from where you are coming. Welcome to the blog. I'm so sorry about your pain. I remember when I broke my arm how long it took to complete physical therapy and everything. I am sure that a broken arm can not compare to the back pain you have been experiencing, but it gives me a little perspective on pain. I too learned a positive lesson from the pain, and that lesson was acceptance. I learned to accept "what is". It is a lesson I keep having to relearn. God bless you in your journey through this, Libby.