Thursday, May 22, 2008

Our Nature is Truth

(Photo of my daughters)
It’s time to Launch off a life of pure excellence. We can each do this by embracing one simple, yet amazingly insightful truth.
Our Nature is Truth!!
This indeed means it is natural for us to live IN truth. Not only visit it from time to time. We require no education, no amount of money and no career to live a life of integrity. It is our very nature!! Now isn’t that something worth getting excited over? I am a nature lover. My love spans upward to the deepness of the blue skies and below into the soil at the wonders of the earth. Nature exists effortless and just as each river leads to the sea, each one of us has a sea of truth within us waiting to open to freedoms. Holding back the truth in any situation creates waves within.
Avoiding the truth because of fear only adds more fear and that becomes a problem.How often does this happen where circumstances “seem” to be asking us to leave out the truth or fib in order to avoid an even bigger dilemma and inconvenience another. You’re late for work so you find the best reason to suit the situation. Your friends want to go out, and you don’t so you make up some fib to avoid hurting their feelings….you get the idea.
I was a proud 4 year old riding on the John Deer tractor down the gravel road with grandpa. It was the best! I was born the youngest and often more times than not when I wanted to do something I was told “You’re not old enough yet”, so this day was extra special. I savored every moment of the cold fall winds blowing on my face until… One of my mittens fell off my hand. I watched it hit the tire and fall onto the road. I loved those mittens!! Now what! The entire journey home became only a memory to me of fear. I did not tell grandpa my mitten had fell off. I withheld the truth. He was running late and I didn’t want to cause him any more delay. Once at home my tears began to flow and suddenly the truth came out. It couldn’t be helped as immediately my bare hand was noticed, even though I tried my very best to hide it.
I did get my mitten back. We made a trip in the car back down the road to get it.At the age of 4 I realized telling the truth even if it seems better to lie causes less problems. From this story I share of when I was very young I have found the biggest truths of who I am are Now impossible to lie about. So I don’t like liver, there are many who don’t, and I don’t like ice-cream…and so on and so on. It’s ok to be who you are even in moments where it feels uncomfortable and would be easier to grab a costume and become a clone in perception. The truth cannot be hidden forever. There is no part of our unique essence that can be hidden in the end. The journey back to find your truth may take time, but like a lost mitten found to a little 4 year old girl it will bring you great Joy in the end.

Colleen C Smith


Patty said...

Colleen, this is wonderful. Thank you so much for posting it.

Patty said...

When I choose to tell the truth even in difficult times, I feel better. Thank you for the insight that my nature actually is truth. I don't need to just visit truth from time to time; I can actually live it. Awesome!

Frank said...


Thanks for the post! As they say, "The truth will set you free". Great message and I loved the mitten story. You should have told your Grandpa - they are usually very patient and understanding. Don't know what it is about getting older but patience and understanding go up proportionally with one's age. I guess that is why they call it maturity.