Wednesday, November 18, 2009


"Anyone whom you forgive, I also forgive." (II Corinthians 2:10) The only thing that brings peace is forgiveness. I found that to be true this weekend.

I went to see my mom with my husband, granddaughter, and grand dog. My granddaughter's dog is a cute little pomeranian mix that has never been housebroken. We keep him outside and in the garage at night so that he doesn't make messes. He has a yip that was irritating my step father so he asked why we didn't leave the dog home. It hurt my feelings so I started to cry. That night when I went to bed, I decided that the only way to soothe my hurt feelings is through forgiveness.

I looked at the situation through my step father's eyes and saw it from his point of view. In the morning, my step father made me coffee and apologized. I was sorry too, and the whole thing was over.

Had either of us decided to hold on to resentment, it would have destroyed the peace and made everyone around us tense. Our perceptions either pull us down or lift us higher. The choice is ours. A Slovakian proverb says, "Anger is the only thing to put off till tomorrow." For today I choose to adopt an attitude of forgiveness instead of one of resentment. That is the only way to peace.

Light and love,

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