Friday, February 26, 2010

Thriving, Not Just Surviving

How do we thrive in times like these? Some of us feel lucky just to survive. Joel Osteen says, "I encourage you to believe you are blessed--not that you will be blessed---but that you are already blessed." I think that's key to thriving in any economy, any situation, any circumstance, any relationship, and any health challenge in which we find ourselves. Gratitude for what we already have puts us in the state of mind for more of God's favor.

What if we don't feel blessed though? Joel says, "This is what faith is all about. You must believe before you see it. You need to act like you're blessed, talk like you're blessed, think like you're blessed, dress like you're blessed, walk like you're blessed, treat people like you're blessed." That's what is called putting the cart before the horse. This reversal in thinking helps us see our higher, blessed self instead of dwelling on our lower, complaining self.

There is a "hope theory" that has been been studied by researchers and psychologists, which found that people who focus on solutions often reach their goals while feeling good in the process. That blessed feeling is something we can bring with us everywhere we go and spread around. That way when we come into a place, we bring the blessing into it. Wherever we go, we bring it! God's favor and blessing arrive when we do. How awesome is that!

Joel says, "Wherever you go, just like cream, you rise to the top. Hold up your confidence, knowing that wherever you go, you're taking along something very special." We're too blessed to be stressed. We bloom and smile, instead of complain. We don't just survive; we thrive.

Light and Love,

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Patty said...

"I thrive in body, mind and spirit.

For every living thing there is a period of development that is concealed by nature. Impressive changes take place in a secluded, inner environment--a seed, a chrysalis, an egg--before new life is birthed into the physical world.

There may be times of apparent dormancy in my life as well, when changes are occurring within me at depth and may not be evident to others. Quiet times of reflection, rest and recuperation yield extraordinary results.

My life transforms as I open myself to the infinite power that is within me. I experience a new sense of peace and heightened awareness. There is a shift taking place within me--a shift from surviving each day to thriving each day in body, mind and spirit.
'Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord.'--2 Peter 3:18" ~ DAILY WORD