Monday, October 3, 2011

Make Every Day a Friday

We just celebrated my Mom's 80th birthday, and it was quite a shin-dig. My brother Doug shared a childhood story with all of us.

"When I was a kid,
I did my chores, fed the chickens
and milked the cows.
My mom gave me a quarter a week
and that was my share.
She always did what was fair.
I saved my quarters till at last
I had almost enough to buy a bike
I was so excited. I could hardly wait,
but that night I lost it all
To Ma's five card straight."

I'm not sure those were his exact words, but in the excitement of the crowd at Mom's birthday party, I could hardly hear. I loved the memory, though, so I decided to record it here in my blog.

Mom is a remarkable woman. She reminds me of the title of Joel Osteen's new book, Make Every Day a Friday. I love my mama. When we drove over six hours to her house and were worn to a nub, she was ready to go to Sylvester's and dance to karaoke. She has so much energy. She may be 80, but she still knows how to have a good time. Every day she chooses to be in a good mood and make the best of it. Wow! I love her optimism and am motivated by it to make every single moment a moment of pure happiness.

I hope you too make every day a Friday because researchers have done a study that shows a 10% increase in happiness on Fridays. Even though today is Monday, I have decided to make it a Friday just so I can be 10% happier. God bless!

Love and Light,

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