Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be a Valentine to Yourself

Aww! Valentine's Day! It's a beautiful day to remember love. I'm thinking of all my loved ones, but I am also thinking about how much I love myself. Everyone is in on this. Many of us think that it is not spiritual to say we love ourselves, but after all, aren't we creations of God?

Why do some of us want to feel unworthy? Romans 8:1,4 says, "There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus...who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the Spirit." That is the key. Walking in the Spirit where there is splendor and unlimited joy is a choice we can all make.

Too many of us feel unworthy and look for something outside ourselves to make us feel complete. Some turn to alcohol and drugs or unhealthy relationships to make themselves feel better, but truly the only thing that can bring relief is forgiveness. We need to forgive ourselves when we make mistakes because God does.

Saturday we heard the shocking news of Whitney Houston's death. I am not judging or trying too hard to interpret what happened to her, but I can't help but wonder why someone as young as 48 is gone. She was beautiful, talented, rich, and famous, but still there was something missing. She had a relationship with God, but I wonder if she realized that like the prodigal son, she could have come back to her Father and He would have forgiven her for her wild, partying, undisciplined life. God is so merciful. I know that Whitney is now at peace. I just pray that her daughter can realize the comfort of God and learn to love herself enough to get through all of this.

Well, Valentine's Day is a day of love so remember that God loves us and that we need to love ourselves as well. Let's be good to ourselves today and every day. God bless!

Love and Light,

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