Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Take the High Road

This will be an interesting year. Obama is up for re-election and the political rhetoric is deafening. One thing I notice about Obama, though, is that he always takes the high road. He seems to pay no attention to his critics, no matter how outspoken they are against him. I think he knows that the critics can not keep him from his destiny.

I think we could all learn from his example. We need to learn what to ignore. Instead of using our energy trying to please people, we need to use our energy to improve our lives. We need to be at peace with others and ourselves by forgiving our critics. (That includes our inner critic).

We need to celebrate who we are because our happiness depends on it. Bill Cosby once said, "I don't know the secret of success, but I do know the secret of failure, and that is to try to please everybody." We have to choose our battles wisely. There is an old saying that "a bulldog can whip a skunk any day of the week, but sometimes even a dog realizes it's just not worth the stink." If we accept ourselves and live peacefully, our joy will strengthen us for the battles that are really worth fighting.

Well, we do have an election coming up this November, and I really do want to see Obama re-elected. However, I will try to follow Obama's example and not enter the blame game too blatantly. God bless America!

Love and Light,

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