Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Clarity or Confusion?

"In the same way, we can see and understand only a little about God now, as if we were peering at His reflection in a poor mirror, but someday, we are going to see Him in His completeness, face to face. Now all that I know is hazy and blurred, but then I will see everything clearly, just as clearly as God sees into my heart right now." (I Corinthians 13:12) NOW is the time to give up the fear and judgment that is causing blurred vision and see instead with clarity. Or do we want to stay in that haze? Do we want awareness or confusion? God is changeless and when we want His peace and joy above all else, we WILL receive it. Does that mean that we will experience nothing but good times? Well, no, but it does mean our perception changes about things in life. It means that gratitude in our attitude will help us truly see past what appears to be negative to what is a blessing about it. It means that we will realize that there is a positive in everything and that everything works together for good as promised in Romans 8:28. "For we know that all things work together for good." It means we will remain hopeful instead of despairing. If we truly believe that God is love as I John 4:16 states, then we will not fear God's will because love makes no demands. It only gives of itself. God loves us. If we will open ourselves up to the truth, we will experience the peace, joy, and awareness of God's unchanging love that is ours forever. We are safe. That can never change. Thank You, Lord.

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